El camino es el objetivo, siempre

Algunas veces miro atrás y veo un vacío que hiela la sangre, por eso siempre para adelante

Behold this man on the road

The burden that he holds

He lost it all but still he carries on

The sead are left behind

On the road of pain and grief

Promises have been broken

Once again he’s been deceived


Homeless man he is

A wanderer without a hope

why this heavy burden

what does he seek

Homeless man he is

Searching for his dreams



Why this heavy burden

Lost all his beliefs


The Spirit Roams


Behold today the face of this man

He smiles now as he knows

He’s burden starts to slowly fade away

He laughs at himself

Now it’s easy to let go, of futile and the needless

To let it lie, to let it go

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